Portable. Easily accessible.

No assembly required.

Enable your concepts

to take shape,

with Bibox FirePen 3D!


Harness the power of creation itself with Bibox’s latest innovation marvel, the FirePen 3D.

Create three-dimensional forms of your 2D concepts, plans and designs. From actualising ideas and illustrating concepts to materialising custom parts or even creating prototypes, possibilities await anyone who brings home this revolutionary printer!


Requires no assembly

Functions as a plug-n-play device and can be set up in less than 5 mins.

Portable and light

Occupies a reasonable space of less than 1 sq. ft. and is lighter than 6 kilos.

Easily accessible

Requires no connection to a computer. All .gcode files can be copied to an SD card, which can be accessed by the machine’s card reader for fabrication.

Touch Interface

Control fabrication settings such as speed, temperature etc., via. a built in touch screen.

Many possibilities.

One machine.


Proof-of-Concept prototyping

Print your concepts to life for easier demonstration and explanation!


Imagine & play

From creating miniature models to toys, the fun never stops!


Crafting custom parts

Weave intricate custom parts that are crucial to your project!

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